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A wedding and a lots of flowers - they come together. Beautiful fresh bouquets will give your wedding day a fabulous romantic atmosphere and elegance ...

A wedding bouquet for the bride is important because it completes and makes her image perfect. The bouquet carries an important role - to expresses the nature of the bride, her sensuality, and emphasizes beauty. Unfortunately, situation, when bouquet does not match the image of owner - too clear shapes, too bright, contrasting colors can happen... How can you describe the perfect wedding bouquet in general? It's gentle, airy, rounded, or in the form of a drop, and, most importantly, does not overcome your own beauty!

Variants of summer wedding bouquets

Variants of spring wedding bouquets

Варианты зимних свадебных букетов

Variants of autumn wedding bouquets


Carefully choose rose bouquet. Undoubtedly, roses are the most beautiful flowers for a bride's bouquet. It should be taken into consideration that in the bouquet, the buds of roses should be evenly opened and "softened" by other colors or decorations, otherwise the bouquet will look very standard and daily. It is very important that the bouquet is in harmony with the bride's appearance, with the shape and style of the dress. Large, "complex" bouquets fit tall, stature girls. In the hands of miniature beauties, small, neat bouquets will look better. Saturated shades look more harmonious in the hands of bright brunettes or tanned girls, gentle "pastel" tones are ideal for blondes and brown-haired women with fair skin. Of course, you need to take into account that the flowers in the bouquet are in harmony with the color of the tie and the groom's buttonhole.

Important criterion in choosing flower for a bouquet is a smell. For example, such beautiful flowers like lilies, which are ideally suited for a wedding bouquet, have a very distinct smell. Choosing lilies as the base of wedding bouquets - you risk drawing excessive attention to flowers and distracting from you, not to mention the fact that not all people enjoy strong flavor. But the addition of several flowers of a lily to a bouquet will give it grace!

Considering the style of the bouquet, we recommend to take into account not only the style of the dress and the style of the wedding itself, but also the time of the year. For example, in blossoming spring Prague or a European castle buried in fresh greenery, light bouquets of tulips, peonies or even field flowers of gentle tones complemented by emerald greens will look more harmoniously. In the hot summer, when the air is already filled with spicy smells of a variety of colors and ripe fruits, a "rich" bouquet with garden flowers, perhaps with splashes of fruits and berries, is very appropriate. In autumn, when Europe is buried in yellow-orange colors, and the tiled roofs of Prague look like a whole with nature, your choice will most likely end with rich colors of the bouquet - burgundy, scarlet, orange.

To make the final hard choice, we advise you to just close your eyes, and in your imagination, draw your own, individual image of the bride - gentle, young and beautiful!

Variants of cascade wedding bouquets

In the gallery are presented only examples bouquets. Sent us inquiry and we will send you a photo with a lot of examples of decorating wedding flowers, from which you can choose yours.




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