Czech Republic - the ideal country for the official registration of the marriage with a foreigner, or registration of marriage to a citizen of Israel - it the only way to formalize the relationship, if you are not Jewish according to Halacha.

The standard it is the next list of documents:

  • A valid passport;
  • A Birth certificate;
  • A Certificate of divorce (if the bride / groom were married);
  • A Death certificate (if the groom / bride - a widower / widow);
  • Confirmation of the Police of the Czech Republic for Foreigners of legal stay in the Czech Republic. Issued on arrival to the Czech Republic accompanied by a personnel of the Agency;
  • Certificate of civil status (certificate of no obstacles to marriage) Issued on arrival to the Czech Republic in the consulate of your country, or directly in the home country (should be checked with coordinator);
  • Form for submission of the application in the Registry offices (We will sent by e-mail).

Attention! Prior to the preparation of documents for the wedding once again consult with the wedding coordinator! List of documents may be amended in due to changes of the laws of each country!




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