Wedding in the Czech Republic within 3 days

Do You need to urgently register marriage in the Czech Republic? Is Your bride or groom foreigner and you need to marry ASAP with minimal additional paperwork? Then we have an offer just for You !

What is needed to get married in the Czech Republic within 3 working days?

  1. Have all neccessary documents for the wedding ready ! (consult  coordinator in advance, as list of documents can vary for different foreign countries, and can take some time)
  2. With needed documents arrive to the Czech Republic and contact our coordinator
  3. In Express-way, with our coordinator, visit all needed places to prepare for registration of wedding.
  4. Arrive on reserved day to register the Wedding. That's it! You are pronounced Husband and Wife. Wedding certificate could be issued on the day of wedding
For detailed information, consult our Coordinator.



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