Wedding cake

Cutting of the wedding cake is the traditional ending of the wedding celebration, sweet cherry. Which one to choose a cake? How to calculate the size of the cake in relation to the number of guests? What sweet delicacies are traditional for the wedding? Let's find out together.

Which cake to choose?

Energy value and simplicity of sweets often depend on the time of the year. In the cold season, guests are happy to eat stuffy cream cakes, with an abundance of chocolate, whipped cream, brandy-soaked vaffles. In the warm season, newlyweds and guests will taste light cakes, with yoghurt fillings, meringues, lots of fruits and berries.

It is desirable that the design of the cake coincides with the overall style of the celebration (according to color, script, etc.)

How to calculate the size of the cake?

Number of Guests
Weight of a wedding cake in kg.
Number of tiers
20 3 1-2
30 3-4 2-3
40 4-5 2-3
50 6-7 3






What else does the size of the cake depend on:


  • If the celebration takes place in form of a buffet, the dessert must be at least 2 pieces per guest;
  • If the feast offers a variety menu with a change of dishes, and there will be other sweets besides the cake, then it is enough to calculate a piece by the guest;
  • If the cake is light, low-calorie, then it may be more than 1 piece per guest;
  • If during the wedding feast a cake auction will be held, the cake should be ordered with a extra reserve (approximately 30% extra);
  • Let some cake for the next day. When all the excitement of the wedding day is over, it is nice to enjoy a piece in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • Sweet gift for guests to take away. Guests will be very pleased to receive a couple of slices of cake in a small box with them, especially if one of the relatives and friends could not come to the celebration personally.

Sweet treats

For small wedding (less than 10 persons) can be ordered mini-cakes - great alternative to the cake.

Exquisite snack for guests on big table will be chocolate fountain with complementary fruits.

Traditionally for the wedding in Czech are served also small cookies, called Tsukrovie, which You will like as well as Your guests. Their variety for any taste O(range from dietary to full-scale creaminess) area usually ordered as assorted, so that everyone can find one they like.

If during wedding day You will have long photo-shoot session, we recommend to order a box of wedding mini cakes, similar to cheese-cakes, melting in mouth, will be great as snack while waiting wedding dinner.

Tsoukrovie and cheese-cakes packed in boxes can also be used for farewell present to guests.





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