Wedding make-up

Wedding makeup is the most important part of the image of the bride, which must be performed flawlessly. Professionally applied makeup will emphasize your natural beauty - the grace of the lips, the expressiveness of the look. Therefore, it is better to turn to an experienced make-up artist. Our agency cooperates only with the proven masters of the art!

A professional make-up artist is not a luxury! What you do not need to save while preparing for the wedding is a professional photographer and a high-class make-up artist. The specialist has a large assortment of high-quality cosmetics, and you will just have to show a photo with examples of make-up that you choose in advance - the master optimizes one of the options taking into account your natural data, or offer your option.

General rehearsal. Ideally, it is better to conduct a joint rehearsal of makeup and hairstyle. So you can estimate how your lovely head will look on day X, and adjust together with the professionals the details of the desired image. Take a photo of a wedding dress with you - with the look of your dress, the hairdresser and the make-up artist easier to "conjure" over your image. After the rehearsal, "at the parade" you can safely go with your loved one to a European restaurant, or on a holiday to friends.Smile

If you do not have time to rehearse, be sure to explain to the make-up artist at least on skype your preferences, send your photo and photo with examples of make-up that you like.

So, we invite you to get acquainted with make-up artists whose services we offer and in whom are sure 100%!




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