Wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle - one of the main components of the image of the bride, it supplements and emphasizes final looks. At the same time, a beautiful hairstyle is the final part of the image, so do not spend time thinking about what kind of haircut to make if you have not yet chosen a dress and a bouquet. The decision will come by itself, when the style of the dress, make-up and the flowers that you will hold in your hands will be decided!

If you are a happy owner of long hair, then your imagination in choosing a wedding hairstyle can be unlimited - to make a high, elegant styling, to braid an intricate braid or just to leave airy loose curls - it all depends on you and your wedding style.

When choosing jewelry for a wedding hairstyle, do not forget - it should not attract too much attention to yourself, its role is to emphasize your beauty. Very fresh and elegant look on the head will be provided with ornaments made of fresh flowers. Best option is to pick smallest flowers, but same as those in your bouquet. If you still want your head to adorn a large flower - ask beforehand how many hours it will last before withering.

Ideally, it's better to rehearse make-up and haircut. That way you can estimate how your charming head will look on day X, and adjust together with professionals the details of the image, which in the end you do not like. Take rehearsal with a photo of a wedding dress - having in your head the style of dress, hairdresser and make-up artist will be easier to "do magic" with your image. After the rehearsal, "in real action" you can safely go with your loved one to a European restaurant or on a holiday to your friends.

If you do not have time to rehearse your hairstyle, send your photo to the hairdresser by e-mail, where your hair + a photo with an example of your desired haircut, to make sure master knows, how to get ready for your haircut. We advise not to cut hair a few days before the wedding. Firstly - the hair will be less docile, and secondly - the longer the hair - the more options for creativity for the hairdresser.

On your wedding day, do not forget to put a small bottle of varnish into your purse. We wish you a fabulous wedding!




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