The castle Sychrov (Sychrov) - from 1260 EURO

Unique: The most "French" castle in the Czech Republic (the castle was built in French style, the owner of the castle was a Frenchman for a long time, the largest collection of French painting outside France was collected in the castle). Sikhrov is "a carved fairy tale of the Czech Republic". Sychrov 's interiors are decorated with exquisite wooden lace, creation of which took almost 40 years and a fortune. Another interesting fact in modern history of the castle is that it was used in shooting of most famous Czech fairy tale "Cinderella". One of the most famous Czech ghosts wanders through the rooms of the castle, the Black Lady.

Distance from Prague airport: about 1 hour drive.

Wedding ceremony


Ready-made wedding packages


Wedding ceremony

Sychrov seems to have been created specifically for wedding ceremonies in a variety of styles. At service for most sophisticated couples looking for an ideal place for a wedding are the historic halls, the castle chapel, the magnificent castle park for wedding ceremony in open air.

Places for wedding ceremonies in Sychrov Castle

Place name No. of invited persons Type of Ceremony Times when ceremony can be held
Castle Gallery
up to 200 persons Civil ceremony All year
Allianov hall up to 40 persons Civil ceremony All year
Royal apartments
up to 10 persons Civil ceremony All year

Castle Chapel
up to 70 persons Civil ceremony, Catholic ceremony All year
Castle Park
up to 300 persons Civil ceremony May -September



Castle area Sychrov offers a lot of beautiful places for a wedding trip and a great photo shootings. Halls of the castle will be a unique background for your wedding photos. Also we will offer you rental of antique costumes to fully match the style of the castle.

To Sychrov adjoins a beautiful English park with open flower beds, avenues with century-old trees. Continue walking can be an excursion to the greenhouse. We will make sure that you are not hungry during the walk: at your service will be a picnic basket with refreshing drinks and goodies. A special bonus for your wedding day will give a small voyage in a carriage drawn by a pair of horses in the vicinity of Sychrov .

The wedding program can be easily continued in Prague - the castle is only an hour's drive from the beautiful Czech capital.


Wedding package. Offer for 2 persons

(ceremony in the Allianov hall)

Services associated with the preparation of documents (mandatory)

  • Providing consultation where and how to request and collect all documentation in the homeland of the bride and groom, as well as complete preparation of documents for the marriage in the Czech Republic, coordination with local registry office;
  • Translation of the necessary documents into Czech language, as well as translation of the marriage certificate after ceremony into languages of the bride and groom, sending by mail to their adress;
  • Assistance to obtain a visa (providing the confirmation of the booking of the ceremony and the hotel for the visa center);
  • Individual Wedding Program of whole wedding process, including unlimited correspondence by e-mail;
  • Individual transfer to the police for a certificate of legal residence in the Czech Republic;
  • Registration of information on the possibility of marriage in the Czech Republic;
  • Individual transfer to Registry office, accompanied by a company employee. Express registration of documents.

Wedding services (mandatory)

  • Rent and preparation for the ceremony of chosen place (+decoration with fresh flowers);
  • Wedding coordinator for your wedding ceremony and banquet;
  • Music accompany (DVD player), selection of a tunes from a wide playlist;
  • Individual transfer with comfortable airport car (Prague or Vienna) -hotel-castle (bride and groom);
  • Delivery of a bouquet for bride and boutonniere for groom to hotel;
  • Visiting of wedding and flower salons (voluntary);
  • Permission for a photo session in exterior and interior of castle(s).
  • Additional services (you can exclude from the wedding package and reduce the price of the package)
  • Light snacks and drinks for the duration of the photo session (discussed in advance based on your taste);
  • Help in organizing a wedding banquet or a romantic dinner.
  • Help in choosing a hairdresser, photographer, bouquet (send examples of works).

Additional services (you can exclude from the wedding package and reduce the price of the package)


  • Light snacks and drinks for the duration of the photo session (discussed in advance based on your taste);
  • Help in organizing a wedding banquet or a romantic dinner.
  • Help in choosing a hairdresser, photographer, bouquet (send examples of works)
  • Overnight in the castle **** hotel Sychrov  with a romantic interior;
  • 1 x breakfast in bed;
  • 1 x flower for lady;
  • 1x romantic 3-course dinner in the hotel restaurant with a bottle of good wine;
  • 1 hour of private rest in the spa with a bottle of champagne.

Package price: 1590 EURO

If you exclude additional services from the wedding package, its price will be 1260 EURO

Attention! The prices of the basic package do not include:

  • Accommodation at the hotel.
  • air and other tickets.
  • Visa service.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Food.
  • Services of hairdresser and make-up artist, etc ..

Gifts from us:

  • Champagne (or wine, or juice) during the ceremony (a glass)
  • Exclusive personal gift.

Замковый ареал Леднице предлагает массу красивейших мест для свадебной прогулки и великолепной фотосессии.

Каждый зал Леднице по-своему красив. Уникальными комнаты делают по сей день сохранившиеся китайские шелковые обои с затейливым орнаментом, мебель ручной работы, резные потолки, живописные винтовые лестницы из дорогих пород дерева. Еще больше красочности Вашей прогулке по замку придаст костюмированная экскурсия.

К замку примыкает прекрасный ухоженный парк с ажурными клумбами, аллеями с вековыми деревьями. Продолжить прогулку можно экскурсией в оранжерею, или аквариум. Мы позаботимся о том, чтобы Вы не проголодались во время прогулки: к Вашим услугам будет корзинка для пикника с освежающими напитками и лакомствами. Особый шик Вашему свадебному дню придаст небольшое путешествие в карете, запряженной парой лошадей по окрестностям Леднице.



Замковый парк окружен множеством озер и каналов, по которым в теплое время года можно прогуляться на пароходике и добраться до еще одной местной достопримечательности — живописными развалинам крепости Янув Град. Эту крепость возвел талантливый архитектор, любимец тогдашних хозяев замка в начале XIX столетия. В то время был в моде романтичный стиль и многие богатые мужи того времени желали иметь собственные «романтические развалины». Крепость служила местом пристанищем утомившехся любителей охоты. В крепости устраивались неформальные приемы, возле крепости разводился большой огонь, на нем запекались охотничьи трофеи. В настоящее время Янув Град — любимое место романтических прогулок влюбленных парочек.




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