The Castle Hotel Viglash (hotel The Grand Vígľaš ****) - from 2190 EURO

Uniqueness: Viglash Castle is a completely autonomous historical complex, including a hotel, a restaurant, a spa, a hall for celebrations. The castle has a long history. During modern reconstruction, old technologies but with high-quality natural materials, furniture in the historical style were used, the accessories of each castle room were thought to the smallest detail and organically support the status of the castle-hotel.

Distance from Vienna airport: 3 hours drive.

Wedding ceremony


Wedding party & hotel

Ready-made wedding packages

Wiglash Castle was founded in the 13th century by the knights of the Order of the Templar Knights, then the castle passed into the possession of the knight from the Order of Malta, and even was the hunting ground of several Hungarian and Slovenian kings. Famous hunters of the castle: Louis I Great of the Anjouist dynasty, Sigismund of Luxembourg with his wife Barbara Zilli.

After the Battle of Mohacs in 1526, the castle was fortified against the invasion of the Turks, which they couldn't conquer. Currently he is in private estates. The current owners of the castle during few decades reconstructed the castle and turned it into one of the most magnificent and representative hotels in Slovakia.

Very picturesque view, which opens from the windows of the castle-hotel: a lush forest, endless fields, small neat villages.

Wedding ceremony

The Great Knight's Hall

The picturesque hall of ceremonies in historical style with decorative arcs is intended only for unique events - such as weddings. The walls of the hall are decorated with the attributes of power and glory of the Hungarian kings who owned the castle during the Middle Ages. The hall is ideal for both classical wedding rituals and for weddings in Gothic or historical style.

Hall dimensions: 168 m2
Maximum number of guests: up to 100 persons

Small Knight's Hall

The hall in which meetings of knights of different orders passed. Suitable for a more intimate rite in the historical, Gothic style. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages is emphasized by sculptures of dragons and images of knights on the walls. During the wedding ceremony, the hall will be lit with torches and candles.

Hall dimensions: 60m2
Max. Number of guests: up to 20 persons


Gothic chapel of St. Michael conveys an atmosphere of appeasement, slightly pushes towards philosophical reflections about the meaning of life, and what is the meaning of life, if not love? In the chapel, both Catholic ceremonies and civil ceremonies are held.

Hall dimensions: 80m2
Max. Number of guests: up to 100 persons



The atmosphere of the Middle Ages has a corresponding stylized program for the wedding day. A wedding dinner can be accompanied by medieval music, costumed dancing, falconry-show, a fire show, a knight show, and so on.


Wedding party

For a wedding banquet "deluxe" you will be offered several options:

  • in the warm season, a festive feast on the green terrace of the castle or in the courtyard;
  • a luxury wedding banquet in the historical hall of the castle, with a picturesque carved ceiling, and furnished with historical furniture made of natural wood.

You will be given a choice of a rich wedding menu, consisting of dishes of European cuisine, a large wine list and assortment of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The complex of the castle includes tavern (krcma), where you will be offered Slovak cuisine, freshly brewed beer and home-made wine, delicious desserts. Almost every evening there is a historical show in tavern, live music. This cozy place is suitable for a wedding in a narrow circle of people.



The castle hotel includes 8 spacious comfortable luxury rooms. The interior of each room is individual, and corresponds to the general historical mood of the castle. For the bride and groom, the wedding suite is provided as a gift for the first "wedding" night.

The complex includes a spa-center "Queen Barbara":

  • 10 meter pool for maintaining the body in a tone,
  • relaxing whirpool,
  • finnish sauna
  • massage, and cosmetic procedures using natural French cosmetics

Active rest in the castle or in its close proximity:

  • historical shows;
  • tennis courts in the castle area;
  • walks on horses in the vicinity of the castle;
  • a golf course;
  • paragliding;
  • flights on a private jet and balloon;
  • ride on bicycles during the warm season;
  • ski slopes in close proximity to the hotel in the snow season
  • And: excursions in Slovakia, and to Budapest.
  • Romantic dinner on the day of arrival or the next day;
  • Accommodation at the hotel (3 nights to Superior room);
  • 3 x rich breakfast in the castle hotel, buffet;
  • Wedding dinner with candles (4 courses);
  • Excursion around the castle;
  • Medieval dances: performance of 4 artists (program for 40 minutes);
  • Entry knights (4 artists) -program for 20 minutes;
  • Wedding dinner in form of buffet;
  • Launch of Lampoon of Happiness.

Wedding package. Offer for 2 persons

(ceremony in the Great Knight's Hall)

Services associated with the preparation of documents (mandatory)

  • Providing consultation where and how to request and collect all documentation in the homeland of the bride and groom, as well as complete preparation of documents for the marriage in the Czech Republic, coordination with local registry office;
  • Translation of the necessary documents into Czech language, as well as translation of the marriage certificate after ceremony into languages of the bride and groom, sending by mail to their adress;
  • Assistance to obtain a visa (providing the confirmation of the booking of the ceremony and the hotel for the visa center);
  • Individual Wedding Program of whole wedding process, including unlimited correspondence by e-mail;
  • Individual transfer to the police for a certificate of legal residence in the Czech Republic;
  • Registration of information on the possibility of marriage in the Czech Republic;
  • Individual transfer to Registry office, accompanied by a company employee. Express registration of documents.

Wedding services (mandatory)

  • Rent and preparation for the ceremony of chosen place (+decoration with fresh flowers);
  • Wedding coordinator for your wedding ceremony and banquet;
  • Music accompany (DVD player), selection of a tunes from a wide playlist;
  • Individual transfer with comfortable airport car (Prague or Vienna) -hotel-castle (bride and groom);
  • Delivery of a bouquet for bride and boutonniere for groom to hotel;
  • Visiting of wedding and flower salons (voluntary);
  • Permission for a photo session in exterior and interior of castle(s).
  • Additional services (you can exclude from the wedding package and reduce the price of the package)
  • Light snacks and drinks for the duration of the photo session (discussed in advance based on your taste);
  • Help in organizing a wedding banquet or a romantic dinner.
  • Help in choosing a hairdresser, photographer, bouquet (send examples of works).
  • Excursion around the castle;
  • Wedding dinner with candles (4 courses);
  • Champagne for the first wedding toast;
  • 3 x rich breakfasts in the castle hotel buffet form;
  • Accommodation at the hotel (3 nights to Superior room);
  • Romantic dinner on the day of arrival or the next day.

Package price: 2190 EURO

Attention! The prices of the basic package do not include:

  • Accommodation at the hotel.
  • air and other tickets.
  • Visa service.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Food.
  • Services of hairdresser and make-up artist, etc ..

Gifts from us:

  • Champagne (or wine, or juice) during the ceremony (a glass)
  • Exclusive personal gift.



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