Wedding in a chivalry style

Czech Republic is an ideal country for a wedding in a knights (or medieval) style. To organize this unique and exciting holiday everything is available:

  • Medieval rich castles and picturesque ruins.
  • Availability of the organization of a unique event.
  • In the Czech Republic, the theme of medieval tournaments is very popular, they are held at different times of the year around castles, where few hundred years ago lived real knights. We cooperate with the Czech knights commonwealth, who help us to create an atmosphere of the Middle Ages into details.
  • The opportunity to organize a knight's feast right in the castle, or in a restaurant with ancient interiors. For centuries, the traditions of preparing dishes from the Middle Ages have been preserved and carefully preserved in the Czech Republic. You will be offered a piglet baked on a spit, or venison under cranberry-spruce sauce, the famous Czech amber beer will be served.

A theatrical wedding ceremony in medieval style awaits you. The bride and groom can dress both in traditional modern wedding attire or medieval attire. The official speech will be pronounced by the Duke of Valstein. Before the official ceremony, you can organize a ransom of the bride. The groom will participate in the knightly tournament for the hand and heart of the beautiful lady (bride). The bride is led to the altar by her father, or trusted person dressed in a medieval costume.



You and your guests will be members of an exclusive knight show program with medieval games (fakir performances, medieval dances, swallowing of fire). For the beautiful ladies - a master classes teaching medieval dances, for the strong half - a master class in archery and knight weaponry. The admirers of history will have the opportunity to listen to the old stories and legends from the mouth of the Duke of Valnstein. The key moment of the program will be the dedication of the newlyweds and their guests to the Knighthood Order.


Wedding party

A banquet in a knightly style can be organized both in open air, for example, under the canopy tent or in one of the castle halls. You will feast in medieval style - suckling pig on a spit, game (venison under the cranberry sauce, baked whole pheasants, tender wild boar meat), delicious snacks stylized bowl antique, lots of juicy fruit, and of course amber beer in earthen dishes, and sparkling wine. Entertainment during dinner will be clowns, fakirs, fire-eaters and performers of traditional medieval dances. The end of the day will be a cake made in the general style of the holiday and, of course, fireworks.


The best castles for the wedding in a chivalry style:

The Cesky Krumlov castle

The Zbiroh castle

The Lednice castle

The Viglash castle




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