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The duty of the videographer (video-operator) at the wedding is to convey emotions and the atmosphere of this unforgettable day. After reviewing the video, you will experience your wedding day again and again. In addition, the video captures the time movement of the day, and your friends and relatives who could not attend the celebration will relive this day with you again. The skill of a modern videographer allows you to shoot a real film, where in the lead role will be you and your favorite, and possibly guests.

Types of wedding video shooting can be divided into two:

1. Videography-chronicle of the classic wedding day.

The video operator will capture the most beautiful and important moments: bride's preparation, wedding ceremony, wedding walk, festive dinner at the restaurant ... Such video shooting does not require special preparation and is ideal for weddings with a large number of guests, or for a couple who does not want to experiment your wedding day ..

An example of a classic video session:

Prague, Love, Wedding. Video Sergey Leshkov from Sergey Leshkov on Vimeo.

2. Video shooting with a pre-recorded complex script - a wedding film.

More and more couples are ready to experiment, especially when the wedding takes place in a unique place, such as a castle, a palace, lush gardens, mysterious caves .... Some creative couples try on themselves images of a prince and a princess, someone - a noble knight and a lady of hearts ... someone likes "hooligan" images of the jeans king and his "battle girlfriend" (in the scenario of such an informal wedding include as a rule a balloon flight, or a parachute jump ...) During the wedding day scenes with pre-prepared scenes are shot (for example, the kidnapping of the princess by witches (whose roles can be played by the bridesmaids), the initiation of the groom into the knightly order, the awakening of the princess from the prince's kiss, the blessing of the queen by the mother and the king (their role may be played by the parents). Couples often have fears - will video shooting under the script keep us in constant stress during the wedding day?... is it necessary to even go on adventure as a video shooting with scenario or plot?

The answer is:

We, as organizers, work closely with the video-operator and during the preparation of the wedding session and during the filmm shooting we work as a team - we are pre-think wedding video recording so that the process is as comfortable as possible for the newlyweds. The script of the wedding day will be built in such a way that all the complex or difficult "stage" scenes were shot after the official ceremony, not to stress bride/groom. We are of the opinion that the ceremony itself should be traditional, classical. After you can fool around all you want.

To find the idea of your unique wedding, we are ready to offer you the scenarios that we have, or to develop together with you script from scratch. We will prepare everything for the shooting - we will purchase the project items in advance, we will discuss each detail with you in advance. During the breaks between the filming for you will be given a wedding treats and drinks.

Example of a wedding film:

Very often, newlyweds order on a wedding day, a classic video, but the shooting of the video itself is left for next day (shooting love-story).

Example of a love-story:

Our agency cooperates with the video (photo) by the studio of Sergey Leshkov, the best Russian-speaking videog-operator in the Czech Republic. Sergey has extensive experience in creating wedding films in the Czech Republic and Europe. Each of his work is creative and individual, and his team during shooting gives it 100%.





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