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Dear friends, I welcome you to the website of our agency!

The main goal of our agency is to create your dream wedding.

We specialize in organizing weddings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and we can confidently guarantee you full control and working out all the smallest details of the important for you day.

The agency has been operating since 2010. Number of events implemented: more than 200.
See you in the heart of Europe!

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Borkova Marina, Dolgova Anastasia

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The best wedding venues

We have selected the best venues to meet the hopes for your ideal wedding day. If our offer does not satisfy all your needs, we will look for a place wedding ceremony and banquet individually!

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Stylish wedding ideas

We offer you stylish ideas for weddings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Perhaps inspired by some of them, it will be easier for you to visualize wishes for your wedding day. Based on the latest trends in wedding fashion, we will develop with you an individual style for your wedding.


About us Review - Photo № 1
About us Review - Photo № 1

Olga & Alexey


Three years have passed since our wedding, but we still remember this day as the brightest event in our life together. The magical Bouzov castle, the exciting wedding scenario and the brilliant work of the organizers turned our wedding into a real fairy tale. Friends and witnesses speak of our wedding as something fantastic, something they have never seen before. Marina and Olya, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting our dream come true. Thank you for your sincere support and lively participation in our celebration! Thanks to you, we have coped with our fears and have never regretted that we trusted you. We do our best to protect our family, because she had such a great start. We want to warn all future newlyweds: a wedding in the castle is forever!

About us Review - Photo № 2
About us Review - Photo № 2

Julia & Alexey


Our wedding took place in early September 2015. Everything had to be done very quickly, since the previous organizers let us down and only "Wedding-Elegant" accepted the challenge and helped organize a gorgeous day in a very short time !!! We are from Belarus, and the wedding was in the Czech Republic. Thank you very much for your patience and ability to organize holidays and create unforgettable moments for lovers.

About us Review - Photo № 3
About us Review - Photo № 3

Nina & Igor


Soon it will be 2 years since the birth of our family. It turned out so beautifully and quickly to organize our holiday thanks to the "Wedding-Elegant" agency. The representative of the agency promptly, clearly and harmoniously prepared everything - from assistance in collecting and translating documents necessary for marriage to the wedding ceremony itself. Everything was organized with a high degree of responsibility, without queues at the embassies and registry offices, and even somehow in a friendly manner. We were very satisfied. It was our holiday, which was done for us. Even the bride's bouquet was brought by the same lovely girl who organized everything. As a result, we have a lot of the best memories and a new wonderful family friend Marina.

About us Review - Photo № 4
About us Review - Photo № 4

Valerie & Llojk


We used the services of "Wedding-Elegant" for the most important day in our life. Everything was great, even more than we expected. In the end, our wedding took place in a beautiful castle, instead of the local registry office. We had an interpreter, our coordinator did everything. We also had no hassle with documents, which helped a lot, since we both did not speak Czech. After the celebration, Anastasia also organized a photo session for us in a beautiful park. In general, everything was at the highest level.

About us Review - Photo № 5
About us Review - Photo № 5

Lika & Denis


Wedding-Elegant agency provided high-level services in organizing our wedding in the registry office of Valtice. Full quality support was provided from consultation, collection of documents to the end of the wedding day. Thanks to Borkova Marina. Professional photographer and makeup artist embodied all my ideas, of which there were many. Highly recommend this agency!

About us Review - Photo № 6
About us Review - Photo № 6

Anastasya & Maxim


We would like to express our deep gratitude to Wedding Elegant for helping to organize the wedding. The solemn event took place on April 27, 2018. we are grateful for a beautiful and professional photo session. Our wedding was perfect. Thank you very much guys, for the wonderful holiday presented to us. Even after a long time, we will remember it with joy! Thanks again for a wonderful and bright day!

About us Review - Photo № 7
About us Review - Photo № 7

Anastasia & Oleg


3.5 years have passed since this wonderful day, but the memories will be kept in the memory for a lifetime! On this day everything was wonderful: the weather, mood, environment, place. The desire to organize a wedding in one of the most beautiful castles in Czech Republic arose spontaneously and thanks to the ‘Wedding-elegant’ agency, all our dreams came true! We want to say ‘Thank you’ again for your care, attention, support, recommendations, ability to take into account all the wishes of customers, advice and organization! Girls from Wedding Elegant don't care about distances,they know how to make great holiday and people happy😉!!!

About us Review - Photo № 8
About us Review - Photo № 8

Marinella & Artem


We would like to sincerely thank Anastasia and Marina, our coordinators of the «Wedding-Elegant» agency, for the excellent organization of our wedding, which was in the summer of 2019. Getting ready for a wedding is a complex undertaking. Thanks to our coordinators, we managed to avoid many mistakes and difficulties when choosing a place for a wedding, a restaurant, cars, etc., Our wedding took place in the Municipal Palace in Bratislava. And the photo shooting is in the beautiful Bojnice castle. I express my gratitude to Anastasia for creating the image of the bride. It was not easy, as I had a lot of ideas that needed to be assembled and brought to life. Marina consulted on documents for several months of correspondence. Thank you for always being in touch, for your patience and attention to details!

About us Review - Photo № 9
About us Review - Photo № 9

Marina & Ilia


Girls, thank you very much for preserving our nervous system! Thanks to your work, getting ready for the wedding was an enjoyable adventure! We could not even imagine that it would turn out exactly what we dreamed of. Outdoors ceremony was magical, like in a fairy tale. We had doubts about the place for the wedding because it’s not the most popular place for weddings. But thanks to this decision, I believe that we had at our disposal a whole area of the estate for quite budgetary funds. And we and our guests felt at home. The decor and floristry were chic and the romantic atmosphere of 19th century weddings was recreated. Many thanks to photographer Lena, stylist Nastya, organizer Marina. The cake was amazing. The next month after the wedding, we were impressed.

About us Review - Photo № 10
About us Review - Photo № 10

Natalia & Denis


Salute!!! We would like to express our gratitude for organizing a wonderful holiday, our symbolic wedding ceremony! To implement our idea (a gothic wedding ceremony), we looked at several countries. And we are very glad we chose Prague! The best place of embodiment for our idea was the the oldest wedding hall in Prague, it just matched the style. Thanks to Anastasiya and Marina for implementing my ideas in detail. Thanks to Lena for the wonderful, gentle photos that convey our mood! Prague is beautiful! We're impressed!

About us Review - Photo № 11
About us Review - Photo № 11

Irina & Harry


Сегодня был волшебный день. Я никогда не была такой красивой как сегодня! Я не только выглядела, но и чувствовала себя красавицей. А уж реакция жениха была просто бесценной :) Спасибо стилисту Насте за то, что поняла, что мне нужно, и создала такой нежный, элегантный и цельный образ. Ирина

About us Review - Photo № 12
About us Review - Photo № 12

Tatjana & Mikhail


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Marina Borkova for organizing our wedding. From the first WhatsApp message, I knew I had made the right choice. Marina was always in touch, on any of our questions, from the necessary documents to the hairstyle, the bride's bouquet and the choice of the photographer. Everything was perfectly organized and went great! We were very pleased and now highly recommend Wedding Elegant in the wonderful Czech Republic! Tatjana

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