wedding in czech republic & Slovakia

Marinella & Artem

Ceremony in Bratislava. Photo shoot it the Bojnice Castle

Countries: Russia & Kyrgyzstan

Year: 2019

Venue: Bojnice Castle (Slovakia)

Number of guests: more than 10 persons

Photographer: Elena Vazhenina

Review: We would like to sincerely thank Anastasia and Marina, our coordinators of the «Wedding-Elegant» agency, for the excellent organization of our wedding, which was in the summer of 2019.  Getting ready for a wedding is a complex undertaking.  Thanks to our coordinators, we managed to avoid many mistakes and difficulties when choosing a place for a wedding, a restaurant, cars, etc., Our wedding took place in the Municipal Palace in Bratislava. And the photo shooting is in the beautiful Bojnice castle.  I express my gratitude to Anastasia for creating the image of the bride. It was not easy, as I had a lot of ideas that needed to be assembled and brought to life.  Marina consulted on documents for several months of correspondence.  Thank you for always being in touch, for your patience and attention to details!

Marinella & Artem

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