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Wedding up to 12 people

If you are planning a wedding ceremony for two, or only with the closest people, the information on this page will come in handy.

For your convenience, we have compiled a minimum package of services that you need to order if you are planning a wedding in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Also, there is assembled an optimal service package, if you need to simply register relationship in the Czech Republic. Below you can choose additional services, a place for a wedding, a free consultation service with a coordinator.

You can find the list of documents required for a wedding here:


We offer the optimal package of services


  • 01

    Consultation on documentation

    Consultation on documentation, complete preparation of documents for marriage in the Czech Republic. Coordination with the registry office.

  • 02

    Translation of documentation

    Translation of the required documentation into the Czech language. Translation of the Marriage Certificate after the wedding into the language of the groom and the bride, to be delivered by mail.

  • 03

    Visa Assistance

    Assistance with visa issues (provision of a document issued by the Czech Register Office confirming the wedding ceremony plan)

  • 04

    Wedding Program

    Individual Wedding Program for an entire wedding process, including unlimited correspondence by e-mail.

  • 05

    Transfer to the police

    An individual transfer to the police to obtain a certificate of legal stay in the Czech Republic.

  • 06

    Transfer to the Registry Office

    Individual transfer to the Register Office accompanied by our employee. Express registration of documents.

  • 07

    Preparation for the ceremony

    Rent and preparation for the ceremony of the chosen place (ornament with live flowers).

  • 08

    Wedding coordinator

    Wedding coordinator for your wedding ceremony and banquet.

  • 09

    Musical accompaniment

    Musical accompaniment, a selection from a wide range of melodies.


  • 01

    Translation of documents

    Translation of divorce certificate, death certificate, certificate of change of name. The price depends on the language from which the document will be translated.

  • 02

    The second certificate of marriage

    Each subsequent copy of the Marriage Certificate (depending on the language of the translation).

  • 03

    Legalization of documents

    APOSTILLE on the Marriage Certificate or super-legalization.

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