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Baroque is a style of European culture of the XVII-XVIII centuries, founded in Italy. Characteristic features of the style: a tendency to embellishments and excesses, pomp, original performance of familiar things. The desire to organize a baroque wedding is inherent in couples who are ready to show the whole world the power of their ambitions and their desire for royalty.

Place of celebration: palaces, boroque manors, castles, boroque halls. Palette: deep, rich colors; red, burgundy, gold, heavenly blue, emerald. The image of the bride and groom: the bride looks extremely luxurious and solemn: a lush dress with a petticoat, a narrow corset, embroidery from stones and beads, a large bow. The image is complemented by a high hairstyle topped with a tiara or a hat. Expensive accessories complete the look.
The groom's image speaks of status and confidence in the future. Shiny shoes, a bow tie, a vest and stylish suspenders are perfect for an expensive tuxedo in this style. At a Borocco wedding, a dress code is required for guests. The parents of the bride and groom are in the role of the king and queen, the bride's friends are the maids of honor.

Wedding ceremony: a hall decorated with stucco, frescoes, white columns entwined with flowers, heavy gilded chandeliers and candlesticks, vases with bouquets of flowers, heavy curtains with draperies.

Wedding banquet: tablecloths made of expensive materials, gilding embroidery, velvet, antique furniture, antique candlesticks, expensive sets, exquisite accessories of the Boroque era.  Treats should also impress: whole roast pig, stuffed fish, quail, small tartlets, tiered cake. Special attention to the entertainment program: horse riding, a magnificent masquerade ball, invited musicians in traditional costumes, card games.

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