wedding in czech republic & Slovakia


Often weddings in this style are held in loft spaces with open communications. Rough textures, metal, brick, pipes, minimalistic forms, all this will create the atmosphere of a quiet place within the walls of a big city. 
Place of celebration: you can style the building of a non-worker factory, factory, winery or hangar. Cold colors, shades of gray, blue, green, white, metal colors (bronze, steel)are used for decoration. Tables without tablecloths, chairs without upholstery and modern crockery will look great at such an event.
 Metal structures, light garlands, a large number of light bulbs will make the room festive and cozy. Dinner in the form of a buffet and tasting menu will fit comfortably and succinctly at your wedding. 
The image of the bride and groom: the bride can have a long, not fluffy dress of a simple cut, plain, laconic shoes from the latest collections. The hairstyle is slightly sloppy, without complicated styling, a disheveled monochromatic bouquet of white flowers. The groom in a strict monophonic suit with a tie in classic shoes.
Wedding ceremony / banquet : the altar space, decorated with garlands of lamps and geometric elements, will be a bright spot for your interior. Small bouquets in glass vases will refresh the atmosphere. Silk drapery is also appropriate in contrast to rough metal structures.

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