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The word "vintage" in French means "aged", originally this definition was used to characterize a good perennial wine. Subsequently, any antiques, as well as the style of clothing and interior design, began to be called "vintage". Vintage style involves the use of antiques from different historical eras.

Place for celebration: estates, ancient castles, picturesque corners of nature, hotels with vintage decor.

Palette: pastel colors, light pink, light blue, mint, lavender.

The image of the bride and groom: the bride's dress is designed in the style of one of the historical eras, it is advisable to choose vintage accessories (old earrings, pearl threads, hairpins).
For the groom, a vintage suit will also be the perfect solution. 
Items such as a non-classic jacket colors, vest, suspenders will complement the image. Stylish accessories will be a hat, pocket watch, butterfly, cufflinks.

Wedding ceremony: arches, old doors decorated with fresh flowers as an altar, vintage cages, chandeliers, candlesticks, old books.

Wedding banquet: floor-length tablecloths, chair covers, delicate napkins, draperies and tapestries, old suitcases and turntables, typewriters, mirrors and black and white photographs in ornate frames, luxurious candelabra and figurines, vintage boxes, china cups and books used as decor.
Special attention is paid to decorating sweets: lace-shaped cupcakes, ornamented cake and large pearls.

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