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Wedding With A Foreigner

The Czech Republic is an ideal country for the official registration of marriage with a foreigner:

  • A marriage concluded in the Czech Republic is recognized in almost all countries of the world.
  • The process of collecting documents and marriage between citizens of different countries in the Czech Republic is often easier than in the homeland of the bride or groom.
  • Registering a marriage in the Czech Republic with an Israeli citizen is the only way to formally formalize a relationship if you are not Jewish in Halacha.
  • Civil marriage in Israel is not permitted.
  • The convenient geographical location of the Czech Republic allows you to easily get here from many points of the globe.
  • The Czech Republic is an inexpensive country. A hotel room with breakfast will cost you from 5O EUR / day, dinner for two - from 15 EUR.
  • The Czech Republic offers a lot of beautiful places to organize a wedding celebration. Almost always a month is enough to prepare documents (or even less). It is enough to come to the Czech Republic for 2-3 days.
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    How do we work?

  • You are contacting the agency

    The wedding coordinator specifies for you the list of documents that need to be prepared for the marriage registration ceremony in the Czech Republic.

    Document List
  • Collecting documents and choosing the place of registration

    The sooner you contact us, the better the chance for us to find the most ideal location that will match your wishes and budget for your wedding. In case you only wish to register a marriage in the Czech Republic, while the main celebration will happen in the homeland, we offer a standard budget option to register this marriage at one of our partner Register Offices in the Czech Republic that we work on a regular basis with.

  • You are sending us the required documents

    Notarized copies of documents, powers of attorney and statements, on the basis of which we submit documents for you to the Czech Register Office. Further, we prepare everything you need for your wedding and solve any outstanding issues. You will arrive 3 working days prior to the wedding ceremony so that there is enough time to resolve any remaining issues with the documents which require your presence.

  • Ceremony

    Your marriage registration ceremony is taking place on the appointed day. You are now husband and wife!

  • You can leave the Czech Republic the next day

    We will translate the marriage certificate and, if necessary, get it authorized and sent it to you by express mail.


Attention! We can guarantee the organization of a wedding ceremony if you contact us at least ten days prior to the intended wedding day. It is necessary, however, that all the basic documents are already prepared when you contact us (includes passport, Birth Certificate, Divorce certificates, Death certificates - in case of a divorce, or widow /widower).

The countries we worked with

  • Germany Germany
  • Algeria Algeria
  • Spain Spain
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Romania Romania
  • Israel Israel
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Estonia Estonia
  •  Belarus Belarus
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