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Catering services are often an integral part of a wedding reception, banquet, especially if it is an off-site registration in a castle or outdoors. We will be happy to arrange for you a table of various levels of complexity, take care of the decoration of tables and serving, as well as attentive service to guests throughout the banquet.

We offer the following:

  • a plan for catering for a banquet, buffet, etc. The plan determines the duration and time of the beginning of the event, ways of arranging tables and accessories for serving food, time for serving food, changing dishes and other nuances;
  • menu compilation and cost calculation;
  • preliminary tasting of dishes;
  • preparation of dishes based on the agreed menu;
  • delivery of meals to the venue;
  • rent of dishes, equipment (barbecues, grills, barbecues), textiles (tents, tablecloths, napkins) and furniture (tables, chairs, shelves, etc.),
  • table setting;
  • services of cooks, waiters and bartenders;
  • space planning - area zoning and plan preparation technical room.
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