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A Rustic wedding involves maximum informality, spontaneity,
lack of strictly dress-code.

Place of celebration: farms, picturesque corners of nature, village houses.

Palettes: all shades of natural colors, white, brown, beige, etc.
Wedding ceremony: usually held outdoors, in nature.

Natural materials are used for the decor: clay jugs, bouquets of wild flowers, wood, seasonal vegetables and fruits, stones, natural rough fabrics, lanterns, haystacks.
The image of the bride and groom.
Tweed suits, vests, suspenders, cowboy boots and wide-brimmed hats are good choices for the groom, as well as other invited men.
For brides and girlfriends, romantic dresses made of natural fabrics with embroidery will be a suitable choice; a bouquet of wildflowers will complement the look.terns, hay.

A Rustic-style wedding feast is a real challenge for chefs and decorators, while at the same time it is an ideal delicious celebration in a cozy atmosphere. The area for the feast is a picturesque farm shed, a village house, a meadow in nature. Variations of pickles, homemade pâtés, cheeses, fruit drinks, hand made lemonades, hot bread, simple dishes made from organic products are served at the table.

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